Rejuvenate Your Neck: Discover Neck Lift Surgery

When it comes to skin care routines, the neck is often neglected, particularly where sun protection is concerned. As such, the skin around the neck sometimes ages faster than your facial skin. If you’re bothered by your turkey neck, a neck lift procedure might just be the answer you’re looking for. What is a neck… Read More »

Turn Back Time: Rediscover Your Youthful Look with Facelift Surgery

Loose and sagging skin are a normal part of the aging process, which means eventually, you will have to deal with it like everyone else. Luckily, there are cosmetic procedures developed and designed specifically to correct loose or sagging skin, and one of these is facelift surgery, also known as rhytidectomy. Understandably, you may find… Read More »

Reclaim Your Youthful Glow with a Mini Facelift

Typically, when you mention the word facelift, what immediately comes to mind is the full or traditional facelift. But in actuality, there are various facelift techniques, and one of these is the mini facelift. What is a mini lift? This procedure is sometimes called short scar facelift and minimal incision facelift because the incisions are… Read More »

Treatments That Complement a Mini Facelift

If you notice the appearance of excess skin along your jawline or you have a somewhat loose, flabby skin under your chin, you may be a good candidate for a mini facelift surgery. Basically, a mini lift shares the same premise as that of a full or traditional facelift. The only difference is that the… Read More »

How Many Times Can You Get a Facelift and Other FAQs

A surgical facelift is designed to give patients a more youthful appearance by lifting, and thereby tightening, loose, sagging, and droopy skin on the face. The best facelift results are those that will take years off your face without looking like you had something done. In other words, the best facelift results are noticeable yet… Read More »

Is a Mini Facelift the Best Treatment for Your Skin Concerns?

Loss of skin elasticity is a common effect of aging, and people usually begin to notice this by the time they are in their 30’s or 40’s. There are various cosmetic procedures that can address this, from surgical mini facelift treatments to non-surgical laser-assisted skin tightening procedures, among many others. The choice of treatment actually… Read More »

Is a Surgical Facelift Right for You? Here’s How You Know…

Out of all the countless cosmetic procedures easily accessible today, no other treatment compares to a surgical facelift; at least where facial skin rejuvenation, with long-lasting results, is concerned (results can last up to ten years or more). The traditional facelift, also known as a full facelift, has been the go-to treatment for women (and… Read More »

Full and Mini Facelift: Men Do It Too

Whenever cosmetic procedures are mentioned, women are usually who come to mind. Rarely, if at all, do men enter one’s mind whenever we think of such procedures as a mini facelift, full facelift, neck lift, rhinoplasty, Botox®, or dermal fillers. Society dictates that only women should undergo such beautification, which is why men, no matter… Read More »

Good Facelifts Full, Mini or Non-surgical: What Is Ideal for You?

Out of all the available cosmetic procedures designed to defy the signs of aging, a surgical facelift, is arguably the best choice for those who wish to take years off their face and enjoy the results for many years. But not all facelifts are good facelifts primarily because everything depends on the patient: the extent… Read More »

Facelift in Washington D.C.

Men and women looking for a reputable and trustworthy clinic for a facelift consultation and procedure in Washington, D.C., you’d be glad to know that Capital Facial Plastic Surgery is one of the best and most trusted cosmetic clinics in the area for non-surgical and surgical treatments, including facelift surgery. If you live in or… Read More »