Beautiful Rhinoplasty Results with Dr. Singleton in Chevy Chase & Washington, D.C.

When it comes to facial harmony, maybe no other feature makes as much of an impact as your nose. When nose length and shape is in balance, your natural beauty shines through, but many patients feel that their nose does not complement the rest of their appearance. In these cases, patients may experience a loss of self-esteem and look for options to create their desired aesthetics.

At Capital Facial Plastic Surgery, Dr. Adam Singleton provides rhinoplasty in Chevy Chase & the Washington, D.C. areas to help you feel confident about the way you look. It is his goal to improve aesthetic facial balance and ensure you love your results.

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Why Rhinoplasty Surgery?

Choosing cosmetic surgery is a personal decision, motivated by individual concerns and aesthetic issues. However, there are some unifying matters among patients, including:

  • Bumps on the nasal bridge
  • Large nostrils
  • Bulbous or drooping nose tip
  • Long nose
  • Crooked nose

Many patients begin researching nose surgery and wait for years to seek treatment, while they envision what their lives would look like if they felt confident about their appearance. After their procedure, patients love the freedom of looking great at every angle without using cosmetics to create a slimmer or smaller nose. Dr. Singleton understands how vital this feeling of confidence is. In treating each patient, he makes it his goal to help patients both look and feel their best.

You don’t have to live with a nose that makes you feel less confident than you deserve to be. Get started on your journey to loving your look by asking Dr. Singleton about cosmetic nose surgery.

Dr. Adam Singleton – Skilled Rhinoplasty Surgeon

As a facial plastic surgeon who specializes in rhinoplasty, Dr. Singleton is trained in the art of reshaping the nose to meet patients’ aesthetic goals. During rhinoplasty, Dr. Singleton creates subtle changes that refine your natural beauty, which is part of the intricate nature of this procedure. Nasal surgery requires the care of a professional with an artistic eye. Dr. Singleton has trained with some of the foremost aesthetic surgeons in the country and understands what it takes to create beautiful results.

Patients love Dr. Singleton’s attentive approach to surgery. At Capital Facial Plastic Surgery, you are treated with care from our entire team. For your procedure, Dr. Singleton will be with you every step of the way. Your consultation, day of surgery, and follow-up visits create a positive relationship with our surgeon that fosters the best results and an excellent experience. With our help, you can achieve the facial appearance you’ve always wanted while enjoying every step of your journey.

Planning Your Rhinoplasty in Chevy Chase and the DC Areas: What to Expect

Preparation for treatment is an integral part of creating the ideal experience and ensuring results meet your expectations. Before the procedure, patients meet with Dr. Singleton to thoroughly discuss what aspects of their nose shape they would like improved. During this discussion, Dr. Singleton informs patients about surgical processes and what he can achieve with rhinoplasty.

It’s important to note that there is no such thing as one-size-fits-all when creating an improved nose shape. Since your results should help you look like a better version of yourself – not someone else – the approach to treatment is individualized for each patient. Depending on your goals, Dr. Singleton may recommend one of the following treatment methods

Schedule a Consultation

If you have any questions about a procedure or wish to schedule a consultation with Dr. Singleton, please contact our office.

Schedule a Consultation

If you have any questions about a procedure or wish to schedule a consultation with Dr. Singleton, please contact our office.

Cosmetic and Functional Rhinoplasty with Dr. Singleton

The outward appearance of the nose is just as important as the function it serves, helping you breathe clearly and smell. Likewise, rhinoplasty can help a nose align with facial shape and appearance, but it can also improve function. If your concerns are only regarding cosmetic issues, such as nose size and position, cosmetic surgery is ideal for meeting your needs. However, if you are having problems breathing freely, functional treatment can be incorporated into your surgical plan.

Dr. Singleton’s structural approach to cosmetic surgery preserves natural tissues as much as possible while meeting aesthetic goals. You should have a nose that complements facial aesthetics but does not hamper your ability to breathe and smell. A well-constructed nose looks better and maintains its shape well into the future, even with the natural effects of aging. As some patients may require grafting of cartilage to create the right nasal support system, Dr. Singleton has trained extensively in techniques that utilize ear and rib tissue.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cosmetic Nose Surgery

Also known as a nose job, cosmetic rhinoplasty surgery is a corrective and reconstructive surgical procedure designed to enhance the appearance of your nose and improve the overall balance of your facial features. Rhinoplasty doctors manipulate skin, cartilage, and bone to alter the shape, size, and/or proportions of various parts of the nose, allowing them to repair deformities caused by congenital defects or traumatic injury. Nose reduction, for example, can make an overly large nose smaller, while the resetting of nasal bones can straighten a crooked nose.

The best rhinoplasty doctors may perform cosmetic rhinoplasty surgery alongside functional rhinoplasty to fix issues related to nasal functions, such as breathing difficulties.

This varies for each patient, depending on the complexity of surgery, but treatment times average three to four hours.

The average cosmetic rhinoplasty cost is around $5,400. Depending on the complexity of the procedure required to address your specific concerns, however, the nose job cost in Washington, D.C. can range from $3,000 to $15,000.

After your nose rhinoplasty, you may experience post-surgery side effects such as mild swelling, bruising and pain around the nose and eyes for up to 2 weeks. The best rhinoplasty surgeon in Washington, D.C., will prescribe medication to lessen the discomfort. You’ll also be advised not to participate in any strenuous physical activities, such as working out or playing sports, for 3 to 4 weeks. Patients shouldn’t expect their nose to look great at this time; to see the best results, you’ll have to wait for your wounds to fully heal.

Your nasal bones become more stable in around 6 weeks, allowing you to resume more rigorous physical activities, blow your nose, and wear glasses. Your nose will be completely healed around a year, when the results of your rhinoplasty surgery will be on full display.

Patients often feel well after their nose job in Washington, D.C. but may find that the second and third days of their recovery require the most time to rest. Typically, the fourth day is when many patients report feeling an improvement in overall comfort. Residual swelling will be apparent at this stage, but patients find it easier to sleep and may be less reliant on prescribed medication. Any unusual sensations that persist after the first few weeks go away completely around 3 to 6 months post-surgery.

This depends on the nature of your work and how comfortable you are in your working environment. While many patients feel good after several days, they wish to avoid going out in public because of post-treatment swelling and their surgical cast. If you work in a physically demanding environment, you should take extra caution in going back to work too early. One to two weeks is the recommended resting period, during which swelling, and bruising will have improved substantially.

Rhinoplasty is not recommended for children as they are still growing, which may lead to unforeseen consequences to the nose’s appearance as they age. It is also extremely important that the patient is old enough to understand the potential risks involved and how the procedure is performed.

Other than this, there is no set age when to have a rhinoplasty procedure. The best time for the procedure is when the patient decides it is time for a change. Generally, patients seeking rhinoplasty range from 15 to 50 years or older.

Capital Facial Plastic Surgery’s Dr. Adam Singleton—one of the top rhinoplasty surgeons in Washington, D.C.—considers patient comfort among his chief priorities when performing any cosmetic procedure. During a rhinoplasty procedure, light general anesthesia or in some cases local anesthesia with deep sedation will be used to reduce your exposure to any immediate pain. Most patients undergoing rhinoplasty don’t consider it a painful procedure, with appropriate pain killers available to help deal with any residual pain.

As with any kind of surgical procedure, risks are an unavoidable consequence. However, with a skilled and experienced plastic surgeon such as Dr. Singleton, your risks are lower. Possible complications can include infection, excessive bleeding, or the patient having an adverse reaction to general anesthesia.

Due to the nature of any surgical procedure, cuts into the skin are necessary to lift the skin and adjust underlying bony structures. During your consultation with Dr. Singleton, the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Washington, D.C., changes to your nose will be discussed with the technique chosen to perform your rhinoplasty ultimately determining your overall appearance of scars. Open rhinoplasty techniques create a small cut under the nose which heals very well and becomes almost completely unnoticeable in about nine to twelve months.

Immediately after your surgery, you may experience moderate bruising and swelling of the facial area for up to two weeks. You will be required to wear a nasal splint for the first 7 to 10 days after your procedure to ensure the shape and contour of your nose remains in place while you heal. Your rhinoplasty specialist in Chevy Chase, MD, will give you other detailed instructions on how to ameliorate such side effects.

While strenuous activity should be avoided for at least 3 to 4 weeks post-surgery, you’ll be able to resume most low-intensity exercise programs two weeks after your rhinoplasty in Maryland. The bones in your nose stabilize after 6 weeks, allowing you to resume more vigorous activities. However, top rhinoplasty surgeons in Washington, D.C. advise against activities that could risk injuring your face until your nose is fully healed around a year after your nose job.

While your nose will show an immediate change after undergoing the procedure, it may take some time to reveal the final result. During the first couple of weeks, your results will be masked by swelling which will gradually dissipate over time. It can take up to 12 months for you to see the ultimate outcome of your nose’s appearance after your rhinoplasty in Chevy Chase.

During your consultation with Dr. Singleton, you’ll discuss in detail your expectations for the overall appearance of your nose. Together, you’ll also determine the best surgical techniques to achieve your vision. Digital imaging helps give you an idea of what your nose will look like once complete. Several factors can affect the end result of each nose job, such as the thickness of your nasal skin and interior nasal architecture. Dr. Singleton will set several follow-up visits to inspect his work and to ensure that you are satisfied with your rhinoplasty results.

Ultimately, the final results of your rhinoplasty surgery are determined by the skill of your chosen plastic surgeon and your existing nose structure. For such reasons, it’s essential you choose only the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Washington, D.C when searching for the “best rhinoplasty near me.”

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