IPL Facial

Skin Rejuvenation with the IPL Facial in the Washington D.C. area

The plethora of skin rejuvenation treatment options can at times be daunting. It’s not easy to determine what procedure will work best to eliminate the problems brought on by excessive sun exposure, genetics, or the natural aging process. Individuals who want to regain their skin’s beauty in the Washington D.C. area can rejuvenate skin health and appearance with our advanced IPL photofacial, also known as the intense pulsed light photofacial.

What is an IPL Facial?

Our groundbreaking IPL facial treatment system stimulates the regeneration of collagen to resolve cosmetic concerns like sun damage, fine lines, large pores, rosacea, and more. And here’s the best part—no downtime or recovery!

IPL (intense pulsed light) is broad band light that targets pigmentation issues like rosacea, red spots, sun damage, and brown spots. The light from the IPL facial machine disintegrates the discolored cells, prompting the generation of new cells to take their place. We can use our state-of-the-art IPL photofacial technology on the face chest, neck, back, arms, chest, and legs. It also resolves spider veins and broken blood vessels.

If you are looking to rejuvenate your skin and revive facial beauty for a smooth, even skin tone and texture, call Dr. Singleton at (240) 630-8175, or schedule a consultation today for our IPL photofacial treatment.

elos Plus Benefits

At the forefront of laser technology is the innovative elos Plus Multi-Application Platform from Candela. It combines bipolar radiofrequency (RF) with optical (laser and pulsed light) energy to treat all skin types effectively and safely. Elos Plus technology allows for deep penetration, making it more effective than treatments that simply address the skin’s surface. Other benefits include:

  • Skin rejuvenation that can last for up to one year – of course staying out of the sun and using sunscreen reliably will increase the likelihood that your skin tone remains even
  • No need for treatment preparation or recovery time – elos Plus treatments take under an hour and most patients return to their routines right after treatment
  • Stimulates collagen to firm and tighten skin

The Most Advanced PhotoFacial

Capital Facial Plastic Surgery offers a professional understanding of facial anatomy that only a board-certified facial plastic surgeon can bring. Unlike medical spas or clinics, Dr. Adam Singleton augments his IPL photofacial treatments with the highest level of medical care. Although many medspas and laser clinics offer laser treatments like the IPL photofacial treatment, the experience of a plastic and reconstructive surgeon is lacking. Because light-based devices, like the IPL facial machine, and lasers can induce complications if not used correctly, we feel it’s crucial to choose a board certified, fellowship-trained facial plastic surgeon when considering an IPL facial treatment.

Skin Conditions Treated with the IPL Photofacial

The skin issues which we can resolve with an IPL Facial include:
  • Freckles
  • Age Spots
  • Liver spots
  • Sunspots
  • Acne scars, Acne redness
  • Wrinkles
  • Birthmarks
  • Spider veins (broken capillaries)
  • Rosacea
  • Cherry angiomas

IPL Facial Benefits: We also see a reduction in acne breakouts as well as an improvement in skin texture and tone.

IPL Facial Before and After

What to Expect during your IPL Photofacial Treatment

Dr. Singleton will assess your skin condition and review your medical history to determine if an IPL facial treatment is the right procedure for you. He may recommend to start immediately, or schedule an appointment for a later day. Each treatment session lasts no longer than 60 minutes, and depending on the severity of your skin issues, treatments range from two to four sessions. Dr. Adam Singleton will discuss with you the entire process, including how many IPL treatments to see results for your particular skin concern.

Side-effects are minor and may include swelling and redness, which resolves after a day or two. Any darkly pigmented lesions will remain for up to 2 weeks and then flake off. There is minimal downtime, so patients can return to their daily activities once they leave our office.

IPL Facial Recovery and Downtime

There are few side effects from IPL Facial, and there is minimal downtime. You may experience some redness, much like a mild sunburn. We tell patients to apply ice packs or a wet washcloth put in the freezer to the area. Also, patients should avoid direct sunlight as much as possible for about 30 days and apply sunscreen (30 SPF or higher) liberally each day.

You can use a gentle cleanser with warm water twice daily, but no more. Maintain moisture on your skin at all times by using a mild moisturizer after treatment. Also it’s best to avoid makeup for at least twelve hours. Dr. Singleton will give you a complete list of do’s and don’ts after treatment.

IPL Facial FAQs

Patients who will be undergoing, or are considering, the procedure for the first time are advised to learn as much as they can about IPL Facial Treatment, from IPL facial cost to what to expect from IPL facial before and after, and most importantly, IPL facial benefits both short-term and long-term. It is likewise advised that patients consider their options for “IPL facial near me” since they could need more than one treatment to achieve desired results. To get started, below are some of the most common questions patients ask Dr. Adam Singleton:

IPL photofacial can effectively treat skin concerns on any area of the body like the face (except around the eyes), chest, neck, hands, arms, back, and legs.

A common concern for a lot of patients is whether or not treatments are painful. In general, treatments are tolerable. However, we provide options to ease any discomfort, including a topical numbing cream and ice packs. Discuss these options with Dr. Singleton during your consultation.

To enhance results, avoid the tanning bed for at least two weeks before your session and apply a broad-spectrum (SPF 30 or higher) sunscreen. Patients should know that tanned or darker skin may affect results, so avoid the sun and tanning machines at least two weeks before treatment.

After an IPL photofacial treatment, patients are advised to stay out of the sun and use sun protection every time they go out. At Capital FPS, Dr. Singleton will remind you to use sunscreen and avoid sun exposure throughout the treatment process so you can enjoy the best results offered by an IPL Facial.

After a month, you may experience some sun exposure, but use a broad-spectrum sunscreen to protect your skin and avoid the damage excessive sun exposure can trigger. Dr. Singleton will advise you on how to best care for your skin concerning the sun during your consultation. It’s important that you follow the doctor’s IPL facial before and after instructions to enhance results.

How long results from an IPL facial treatment will last depends on certain factors including the specific skin issue treated as well as the patient’s post-treatment skin care. We recommend you incorporate a daily skincare regimen with medical-grade products like moisturizers and sunscreen to maintain results. You may also consider and IPL Facial session one to four times per year for maintenance. Dr. Adam Singleton will discuss with you treatment plans and options during consultation.

Simple, if you are looking to rejuvenate your skin and revive facial beauty with a smooth, even skin tone and texture, call Dr. Singleton at (240) 630-8175 or schedule a consultation today. During consultation, Dr. Singleton will discuss with you everything you need to know about IPL facial, from exactly what is an IPL facial to how many IPL treatments to see results and the actual IPL facial cost for your specific skin concerns, as well as IPL facial before and after tips and recommendations. It’s important to likewise take into consideration licensed and reliable “IPL facial near me” clinic as this will affect your overall results and experience.