Reconstructive Facial Surgery

Reconstructive Facial Plastic Surgery in Chevy Chase & the Washington, D.C. areas

Facial injuries, skin cancers, and trauma can take a heavy toll on self-esteem and confidence. Identity is tied to appearance, and a facial injury can permanently alter what you see when you look in the mirror. Reconstructive facial plastic surgery can minimize and repair damage to the face after facial trauma. Dr. Singleton has an immense amount of specialized training in reconstructive facial plastic surgery. He performs scar revisions, post-Mohs surgery reconstructive procedures, skin cancer removals from the head and neck area, and post-traumatic injury repair at Capital Facial Plastic Surgery in Chevy Chase and Washington, D.C.

If you have an unsightly scar, recently suffered an injury to the facial area or need skin cancer removal or reconstruction, call our office at 240–630-2449 to schedule a consultation with our fellowship trained facial plastic surgeon Dr. Adam Singleton.


Scar Revision and Scar Removal Surgery

Scarring is an inevitable part of the surgery, but a wound that was improperly closed or a former injury that created a dark and prominent mark on your body can make it feel as if all anyone notices is your scar. To correct raised, red, and dark scarring, Dr. Adam Singleton performs revision or scar removal surgery. Treatment can improve the appearance of:

  • Keloid Scars
  • Hypertrophic Scarring
  • Concave Tissue/Contracture Created by Scars
  • Darkened or Discolored Skin

Scar revision can be completed early, such as the day of the injury or much later, after the initial trauma has healed but the scar has not faded with time. While it is ideal to see a plastic surgeon as soon as possible after your injury, such as having them meet you at the Emergency Room or scheduling an in-office consultation after trauma care has been provided, older and mature scars can still be treated to create smooth and even skin.

It can be intimidating to consider another surgery after an initial procedure (or traumatic injury) has created obvious scarring; however, not all revision treatment requires invasive therapy. Laser treatment, chemical peels, and even injectables can prove effective in softening and reducing marks on soft tissue or raising depressions caused by a scar. Some patients may also be prescribed steroid treatment to lighten scarring.

If surgical treatment is indeed required to minimize your scar, Dr. Singleton may use dissolvable sutures for deeper levels of tissue. Treatment can involve several and varying steps to reduce tension placed on scar tissue and different closure methods to ensure skin looks smooth and even after healing is complete.

Schedule a Consultation

If you have any questions about a procedure or wish to schedule a consultation with Dr. Singleton, please contact our office.

Schedule a Consultation

If you have any questions about a procedure or wish to schedule a consultation with Dr. Singleton, please contact our office.

Skin Cancer Removal and Mohs Surgery Reconstruction in Chevy Chase & the Washington, D.C. areas.

Basal cell carcinoma (BCC) and squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) are two of the most common types of skin cancer. They are much more prevalent than melanoma, the deadliest type of skin cancer. These cancers can grow to a large size, and without prompt treatment, can cause extensive damage to the face and body. For patients with BCC or SCC on the face, removal of cancer by an expert in facial anatomy can be the difference between a mediocre cosmetic result and an excellent cosmetic result. Dr. Singleton has a wealth of knowledge regarding skin cancer surgery and has helped many patients with the removal and reconstruction involved in their treatments.

For patients that undergo Mohs surgery by another physician, Dr. Singleton can help reconstruct large defects of the face that may be present afterward. From very small lesions that need a little extra tissue to very large defects of the face that require moving tissue from one side of the face to the other, Dr. Singleton can help you achieve an excellent cosmetic result.

Dr. Singleton is also an expert in nasal surgery and rhinoplasty. Skin cancers of the nasal area that require reconstruction are best repaired by someone who has the intimate knowledge of nasal structure and function.

Facial Injury and Trauma Treatment in Chevy Chase and Bethesda, MD

Facial injuries and trauma can be severe and often require reconstructive facial surgery. In some cases, the trauma is initially treated by a facial plastic surgeon. Other times, the injuries are repaired and reconstructed after the initial injury has healed. Some of our facial reconstruction patients experienced facial trauma many years before their first meeting with us.

Dr. Singleton is highly sensitive to the needs of a patient that has suffered unexpected facial trauma. Experience matters with facial trauma, which includes facial laceration repair and facial fracture repair. A distinct advantage of completing his residency in one of the most violent cities in America, Memphis, TN, is that Dr. Singleton managed and operated on hundreds of facial trauma patients, both adult and pediatric.

We find that prompt treatment by a facial plastic surgeon often leads to the best aesthetic results. If possible, contact our office soon after trauma occurs. We are experienced with all types of facial trauma and injury, including facial fractures and lacerations.

Dr. Singleton is skilled in treating the following types of facial trauma:

  • Facial or neck lacerations
  • Eyelid injuries
  • Ear avulsions or amputations
  • Nasal avulsions or amputations
  • Facial fractures (e.g., jaw, cheek, eye socket, sinus fractures)
  • A dog bite or human bite injuries
  • Gunshot wounds to the face

Dr. Singleton can see patients at George Washington University Hospital.

Dr. Singleton offers his services for facial laceration repair in his office – even after hours and on weekends. Call 911 or go to the emergency room immediately in case of a serious injury. Please call our office any time, and if Dr. Singleton is available, he will coordinate with you to repair your injury in our office (if this is the safest option) or possibly meet you at one of the emergency rooms above.

This in-office service is important to Dr. Singleton because he knows what often happens is that people go to the emergency room or an urgent care center, where they wait only to be treated by distracted and inexperienced staff. Care from an experienced plastic surgeon, in conjunction with life-saving medical treatment, produces ideal results with wound healing and closure.

Facial injuries range from minor breaks to serious, life-threatening fractures. Some cause irreversible damage, and others are treated with no lasting signs of damage. If you experience facial trauma, meeting with Dr. Singleton as soon as possible is important. Prompt and proper treatment can minimize complications, reduce aesthetic damage, and preserve important facial functions.

Complications can arise if facial trauma isn’t properly treated. Vision problems are common after fractures to the orbital sockets. Facial nerves may be damaged by fractures or lacerations. Airway damage and loss of smell can occur with nasal fractures. Call us after facial trauma to ensure that these problems receive proper treatment, and that collateral damages are minimized.

Dr. Singleton uses proven facial reconstructive techniques to treat facial fractures. For a nasal fracture, rhinoplasty may be needed to stabilize bone and repair damage to the function of the nose. Some fractures can be repaired without surgery. Others may require incisions for treatment. An examination is the only way to determine the extent of the damage and the best course of treatment. A facial plastic surgeon with experience in facial reconstruction surgery should always be consulted after facial trauma.

When creating a treatment plan for facial fractures and injuries, our goal is always to restore appearance and function. Incisions are only made when necessary and advanced surgical techniques are used to minimize scarring as possible.

No one wants to need facial reconstructive surgery, but when you do, make Capital Facial Plastic Surgery your first call. Our dedicated facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Adam Singleton, will provide you with personalized patient experience. We want our patients to feel welcome and comfortable at our office, and we take our time to ensure that each patient has plenty of time to ask questions and get answers. When it comes to your face, there is no rush.

Our surgeon is also one of the best in the area. In addition to traditional head and neck surgery training program, Dr. Singleton also completed a highly competitive fellowship in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery. He’s trained under some of the best surgeons in facial plastic surgery and brings cutting-edge surgical techniques and carefully cultivated surgical skill to his patients here in Chevy Chase. 

Capital Facial Plastic Surgery is pleased to offer facial reconstructive surgery services to our patients. Contact us to learn more about reconstructive facial plastic surgery procedures.

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