Professional Rhinoplasty in Chevy Chase, MD

Professional Rhinoplasty in Chevy Chase, MD

Capital Facial Plastic Surgery has been performing rhinoplasty in Chevy Chase, MD for many years, and we guarantee expertise and professional results for beautiful, natural-looking cosmetic and functional results.

Disreputable specialists from unknown clinics generally produce subpar results. However, a skilled, experienced professional like premier cosmetic surgeon Dr. Singleton can help you achieve an aesthetically pleasing, natural nose shape suited to your facial structure.

If you’ve been apprehensive about getting nose surgery in Chevy Chase, reach out to us. During your initial consultation, our experienced cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Singleton, will clear up misunderstandings, answer queries, and even assess whether you are a suitable candidate for rhinoplasty.

What to Expect During a Rhinoplasty Procedure

Rhinoplasty, otherwise known as nose job or nose surgery, uses surgical and non-surgical techniques to reconstruct the nose. The procedure typically resolves most nasal imperfections. At Capital Facial Plastic Surgery, we’ve had clients come in to minimize bulging bridges, lift drooping nose tips, and reduce nostril gaps.

However, not everyone is a suitable candidate for nose surgery. If you wish to undergo rhinoplasty, expect the following:

    • Initial Consultation:

Share your plans with the cosmetic surgeon. He will help you come up with a realistic, achievable goal.

    • Physical Examination:

The surgeon will conduct a thorough physical examination to assess if your body can handle rhinoplasty.

    • Rhinoplasty Assessment:

Your surgeon will explain your different rhinoplasty options (i.e., surgical, non-surgical).

    • Actual Operation:

Non-surgical rhinoplasty takes less than an hour to complete, but the surgical method will require a few hours of surgery.

    • Aftercare and Treatment:

Non-surgical techniques require little downtime, but the results are not permanent. You’ll need to come back for touch-ups every now and then. Meanwhile, surgical rhinoplasty yields permanent results, but you must set aside a few months for your recovery.

Please note that this guide can’t replace in-person consultations. Use this information only as a starting point to manage your expectations about getting nose surgery in Chevy Chase.

Who Makes a Good Candidate for Rhinoplasty?

Not everyone is advised to undergo a rhinoplasty. Even if you have the means to pay for surgery, we won’t push through with the procedure if you don’t meet our requirements. This is to guarantee your health and safety.

The ideal candidate for nose surgery in Chevy Chase is someone who:

  • Has a healthy body and no pre-existing medical conditions
  • Doesn’t currently take maintenance medication
  • Rarely drinks and doesn’t smoke
  • Can set aside time for post-operative recovery
  • Will commit to post-operative medication

Don’t worry if you still have doubts about whether you qualify for nose surgery. Our cosmetic surgeon will thoroughly examine your overall physical condition and medical history.

Choosing Your Plastic Surgeon

In Chevy Chase, nose surgery is widely accepted. A quick Google search will already reveal dozens of clinics that perform cosmetic surgeries. But only a handful do quality work. You’ll notice that most horror stories about rhinoplasty in Chevy Chase involve disreputable clinics, so you should go above and beyond to find an honest, trustworthy one with a professional and highly experienced facial plastic surgeon. Otherwise, you’ll put yourself at risk.

To ensure that you find the correct facial plastic surgeon for your procedure, make sure you:

  • Book initial consultations: Make sure to have an initial, face-to-face consultation with a doctor, and get a second opinion if you need to. Medical professionals generally provide differing opinions—go with the one that provides the most sound, trustworthy advice.
  • Consult the cosmetic surgeon: Make sure you talk to the cosmetic surgeon beforehand. Don’t settle for sales associates and agents focused on selling their services instead of educating you about rhinoplasty in Chevy Chase.
  • Ask for alternatives: Not everyone qualifies for a nose job. As such, your plastic surgeon should also present different alternative surgical and non-surgical procedures to address whatever concerns you have.
  • Explore rhinoplasty options: Your surgeon should explain the most appropriate nose shape based on your own unique facial structure. Many clients have misconceptions about their ideal nose, and it helps to consult the expertise of a surgeon who specializes in performing plastic surgery on the face.

Don’t blindly opt for the cheapest surgeon in Chevy Chase. Nose surgery will require a significant financial commitment, so never trust no-name clinics and surgeons that aggressively market “affordable” over professional services. The words cheap and rhinoplasty should never be in the same sentence.

Why Choose Capital Facial Plastic Surgery

With dozens of cosmetic surgery clinics in Chevy Chase, rhinoplasty clients won’t have a shortage of options. But why should you choose us? The answer: our professionalism and expertise.

At Capital Facial Plastic Surgery , we pride ourselves on our years of cosmetic surgery expertise. With the help of our skilled plastic surgeon, Dr. Singleton, we can guarantee nothing but professional, expert rhinoplasty solutions customized to your individual needs. Dr. Singleton is also one of the few surgeons who specialize in cosmetic surgery for the face, so you can rest assured that you’ll achieve a look that you can feel confident about.

Also, we’re very versatile. Our clinic offers several cosmetic surgery procedures in Chevy Chase, nose surgery included. Feel free to share your goals with our cosmetic surgeon. If we deem that rhinoplasty won’t address your problem areas, we’d suggest other effective alternative procedures.

To learn more about the procedure and what kind of results to expect, check out our gallery. Here, we feature some before and after photos of our satisfied rhinoplasty clients.

Schedule for a Nose Surgery in Chevy Chase, MD Today!

Book a consultation with us at Capital Facial Plastic Surgery if you’re from or around Chevy Chase. Rhinoplasty is a complex procedure, and making haphazard, misinformed decisions might cause irreversible damage. First-timers need the support of our experienced, reputable cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Singleton.

For more information on getting rhinoplasty in Chevy Chase, MD call us at (240) 630-8175 to book an initial consultation. You can count on our personable staff to answer standard inquiries regarding the procedure, physical checkup, and payment options.

Schedule a Consultation

If you have any questions about a procedure or wish to schedule a consultation with Dr. Singleton, please contact our office.

Schedule a Consultation

If you have any questions about a procedure or wish to schedule a consultation with Dr. Singleton, please contact our office.