RF Microneedling

Science has led to the development of some highly advanced cosmetic treatments, and one that’s quickly gaining popularity due to its effectiveness at turning back the clock is Morpheus8 RF Microneedling.

To understand how Morpheus8 RF Microneedling under eyes and other target facial areas treats the symptoms of aging, we first have to know what collagen is. Naturally produced by the body, collagen is a protein that plays a vital role in the repair and rejuvenation of tissue. Unfortunately, collagen production slows down as we age, which is why our skin becomes more wrinkled and saggier the older we get.

A non-invasive procedure, Morpheus8 RF Microneedling uses a combination of microneedling and controlled radiofrequency energy to heat the tissue layers under the skin. This reinvigorates collagen production in said tissue, in turn resulting in the following effects:

Benefits of Microneedling

1. Firmer skin

The newly produced collagen does what collagen is designed to do: repair and rejuvenate tissue to make your skin firmer, stronger, and more elastic. Furthermore, Morpheus8 RF Microneedling continues to stimulate the production of collagen and the similarly helpful protein elastin for several months post-procedure, allowing you to enjoy toned skin long after the end of your session.

2. Smoother skin

Microneedling for acne scars can effectively improve dark marks from acne. The regenerative effects of collagen enhance the texture of the skin to give it a smoother, fresher look and feel. It can even improve the appearance of stretchmarks and scars.

3. Clearer skin

The sun’s UV rays are harmful to the skin, so much so that prolonged exposure to sunlight can prematurely age skin and even cause skin cancer. Thankfully, collagen corrects sun damage and other types of skin injuries that lead to unsightly blemishes such as dark spots. Therefore, you can expect clearer, more radiant skin after your Morpheus8 RF Microneedling session; one of the many microneedling benefits patients greatly appreciate.

4. Reduced risk of the formation of dark spots

While laser treatments are generally safe, they are more likely to lead to dark skin discoloration such as Melasma and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, especially where people with darker skin tones are concerned. Morpheus8 RF Microneedling doesn’t lead to such side effects.

In addition to the above microneedling benefits, Morpheus8 RF Microneedling is also a safe and convenient procedure with minimal downtime. Microneedling before and after: Patients leave the clinic with what resembles moderate sunburn, but this lasts only a few hours. Patients can go back to work the day after the procedure.

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Frequently asked questions about benefits of microneedling, microneedling under eyes, microneedling aftercare, microneedling for acne scars, and more

Microneedling is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure designed to improve the appearance of acne marks, dark spots (hyperpigmentation), age spots, and sun spots. Microneedling benefits also include minimized pores/reduced large pores, enhanced skin laxity, and improved stretch marks. Additionally, microneedling also improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

This non-invasive procedure involves a special microneedling device, which is a roller with sterilized needles attached on it, like bristles on a hair brush. These tiny needles, when rolled on the target area, damage the skin, prompting the body to produce collagen to heal the injured areas and generate new skin.

At Capital Facial Plastic Surgery, we use an advanced microneedling technique called Morpheos8 RF Microneedling, which uses microneedling and radiofrequency techniques to achieve optimal results.

In a nutshell, microneedling damages the target area by pricking it with tiny needles. These small injuries prompt the body’s natural response to heal and recover. Simply put, microneedling stimulates collagen production, which results in the growth of new, firmer and more toned skin. This is why microneedling for acne scars and other dark spots on the face is a popular request among patients. It effectively addresses such skin blemishes without surgery or downtime.

New collagen also results in a firmer skin, as mentioned above, which means if your have skin laxity under your eyes, microneedling under eyes could be the ideal non-invasive solution for you.

As mentioned above, microneedling stimulates collagen production to improve skin elasticity. The procedure also prompts the body to generate new skin to “replace” skin that has been injured by the tiny needles pricking the target area/s.

Collagen is a protein that helps maintain various body parts, including the skin, ligaments, hair, and bones. As we age, collagen production slows down resulting in lover levels of the important protein, which in turn eventually causes a host of bodily changes, foremost of which is loss of skin elasticity and strength, causing loose or sagging skin, and wrinkles to appear.

By simply stimulating the body to produce more collagen, these skin issues are effectively addressed.

Microneedling cost differs from patient to patient as different factors are at play for each patient. Each patient’s needs are unique, and they have different treatment goals as well. These two factors alone already significantly affect how much treatment will cost. Additionally, your doctor could require several sessions to achieve your desired results, so don’t be surprised if your microneedling treatment cost is different from that of someone you know.

During consultation, you must be open about discussing your microneedling before and after concerns and issues to allow the doctor to develop a treatment plant that fits your needs and goals, as well as your financial capability.

In general, one microneedling session may last anywhere between 10 and 20 minutes, but this will still depend on the specifics of your treatment like the location and size of the target area/s, as well as the actual condition of your skin concern. While the usual location for treatment is the face, with microneedling under eyes a popular request, microneedling may also be used on other parts of the body like the stomach and thighs to lighten stretch marks.

Your doctor will also tell you how many sessions you will need to achieve your desired results. Some patients need only about two to three sessions, others four; still, others may require up to six microneedling sessions for them to see optimal results.

After your session, your doctor will give you instructions about microneedling aftercare to ensure two things: minimize risk of infection (remember, your face was “injured” from the procedure) and ensure healing and recovery happens as it should.

On that note, here are a few things to remember after your session:

  • Wait at least four hours before washing your face and use a gentle cleanser. Gently pat-dry skin with your cleans hands only.
  • Do not apply makeup until after your skin has completely healed
  • Redness and swelling may occur immediately after your session. These will subside in a few days.
  • Use sunscreen every time you go out. Ask your doctor when you can start using sunscreen.
  • Wait until 72 hours have passed before doing activities that make you sweat, including swimming and sauna/steam baths. Protect your skin by giving it time to heal and recover.
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Patients should know that microneedling results don’t happen overnight. Remember that results will depend on your body’s collagen production process, healing, and recovery. You will also have to wait until your body develops new skin. The timeframe for all these will depend on your body’s response to microneedling. Remember that each patient has individualized responses to treatment, so don’t compare results with others. In a nutshell, noticeable results may begin to appear about four weeks after your session. Some patients report seeing noticeable results six weeks after treatment.

All these questions will be thoroughly answered by your doctor during your microneedling before and after consultation.

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If you have any questions about a procedure or wish to schedule a consultation with Dr. Singleton, please contact our office.

Schedule a Consultation

If you have any questions about a procedure or wish to schedule a consultation with Dr. Singleton, please contact our office.