Top Facial Plastic Surgery Trends for 2024

Top Facial Plastic Surgery Trends for 2024: Here’s What to Expect for Trends

From the most advanced facelift to celebrating ethnicity, the top facial plastic surgery trends for 2024 are about embracing your natural beauty in exciting ways!

3 Key Facts About Jawline Surgery and Jawline Enhancement

Not everyone is born with a defined jawline. Some have a naturally weak chin or jawline and others experience this with time; that is, as part of the aging process. There are many options to achieve a more defined jawline but for more dramatic and permanent results, a jawline surgery is what you need. Naturally,… Read More »

Capital Facial Plastic Surgery Washington D.C.: Botox® Details First Time Patients Should Know About

Wrinkles are usually the first sign of aging that appear on both men and women, and while some have no problem with their wrinkles and fine lines; others are not so happy showcasing them to the public. A common recommendation from the team at Capital Facial Plastic Surgery Washington DC is Botox®; especially for those… Read More »

3 Low Downtime Cosmetic Treatments To Get You Back In The Summer Sun Fast

With summer now in full swing, we’re spending more time outdoors, being social, and doing all the activities we couldn’t do during the colder months. However, when the bright sunlight exposes our unsightly wrinkles and sunken skin, some of the fun wanes. Don’t let another fun-filled summer pass you by! Many options exist that get… Read More »

new year's resolution

Visit Us in 2019 for Your Cosmetic New Year’s Resolutions!

The year isn’t over yet, but we’re already looking forward to 2019. Capital Facial Plastic Surgery will open its doors and start seeing patients in January 2019, and we can’t wait. As you start planning for the new year, we hope that a visit to our facial plastic surgery office is on your list. We… Read More »

Capital Facial Plastic Surgery office under construction

Coming Soon to Chevy Chase

We love new beginnings at Capital Facial Plastic Surgery. In fact, our practice is built on the promise of a new look. We’re creating fresh starts with facial rejuvenation in Chevy Chase and beyond with the opening of our upscale plastic surgery practice in January 2019. Join us for our new beginning and we’ll help… Read More »