How to Get Satisfactory Results from Your Rhinoplasty Procedure

A rhinoplasty procedure, also known as a nose job, is performed on patients, both men and women, who wish to enhance certain features of their nose and/or improve its function.

Most of the time, patients undergo a rhinoplasty procedure because they aren’t happy with the nose they were born with. They may find it too small or too big, too bumpy, too high or too flat, and so on. There are times, however, when the physical flaw was a result of trauma or accident. Whatever the reason, a rhinoplasty, when done right, can give patients the nose that will improve the balance of their facial features.

How to get the best results from your nose job

Getting a nose job isn’t a decision that patients take lightly, which is why they must ensure that their surgeon will get it right the first time. Although revision rhinoplasty is also now a procedure that anyone can easily access, it isn’t something that patients would want to undergo unless absolutely necessary.

With that said, here are a few things you can do to ensure you get the best results from your nose job:

1. Do your research

You’d want to be as informed about rhinoplasty as possible, and you also want to be well-informed about the surgeon performing the procedure. Make sure that you do your research on the procedure, learning about the methods used (open and closed rhinoplasty), risks involved, recovery, and so on. Do a background check on the clinic and surgeon as well. You want someone with years of experience performing rhinoplasty, with satisfactory results, and a high patient rating.

2. Choose a facial plastic surgeon that’s right for you

When it comes time to choose a surgeon, make sure that you choose a licensed and experienced facial plastic surgeon who specializes in rhinoplasty. First off, a facial plastic surgeon knows facial anatomy like the back of their hand, which means they fully understand what needs to be done to give you a nose that improves the balance of your facial features. Secondly, a facial plastic surgeon spent years studying every facial feature, dissecting and deciphering every part of it until they can see every part of it even with eyes closed.

3. Consult several surgeons

The best ways to truly zero-in on the surgeon that’s best for you is to consult the top three in your shortlist. Understand that a consultation doesn’t translate to agreeing to have the procedure done by the surgeon you consulted with. Consider your consultation as a personal elimination process. Find a surgeon who will help you achieve your treatment goals.

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