How Many Times Can You Get a Facelift and Other FAQs

A surgical facelift is designed to give patients a more youthful appearance by lifting, and thereby tightening, loose, sagging, and droopy skin on the face. The best facelift results are those that will take years off your face without looking like you had something done. In other words, the best facelift results are noticeable yet subtle at the same time.

How many times can you get a facelift?

Once results start to fade and patients notice their skin looking a little saggy or droopy again, their top-of-mind question usually is, “Can I get another facelift?”

Yes, a second facelift is possible, and in fact, a lot of patients choose to have another facelift procedure done after results have faded, which is about ten or so years after their first procedure. There are patients who likewise undergo a third lift.

There really isn’t a specific number of times that a patient may or may not undergo a surgical facelift, but, patients are reminded that frequency could alter their natural appearance and even distort their facial features.

If you want to maintain your results, consider a mini facelift once your skin starts to sag again. Ask your surgeon if this is a good option for you.

Will I still look younger than my actual age ten years after my facelift treatment?

The short answer is yes; you will still look younger than your actual age even after your skin starts to sag or droop again. When you begin to lose skin elasticity after a lift, that’s the aging process catching up with you.

Will a facelift remove my wrinkles and fine lines?

In general, a surgical lift isn’t designed to enhance wrinkles and fine lines however, if you do notice that your forehead lines aren’t as visible or your crow’s feet have somewhat improved, that’s merely an effect of your skin being pulled and lifted. For saggy brows or droopy eyelids, patients may undergo an eyebrow lift or eyelid lift together with their full facial lift.

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