Tips for a Quick Recovery after Laser Skin Resurfacing

Skin treated by laser resurfacing can feel like you have just received a mild sunburn. Redness, tinging, or even some mild swelling can all be temporary setbacks to achieving younger-looking more radiant skin. 

While these symptoms may only last a few days, taking care of your skin during this critical time couldn’t be more important to ensure you get the best results possible from your laser skin resurfacing procedure.

The following are some of the most effective tips to help speed up your laser skin resurfacing recovery. 

Keep your skin clean

Gently washing your skin in the mornings and evenings can help prevent infection, as laser resurfacing procedures remove the top layer of your skin, revealing new and healthy skin thereafter. It is this top layer of skin that acts as a natural defense barrier against microscopic hazards and contaminants that, once stripped away, can leave you relatively defenseless during the recovery period. 

Using a gentle cleanser and warm clean water can help remove these small particles of dirt and debris that are often invisible to the naked eye. This process will also help remove dead skin cells covering up healthy skin underneath. It is important not to aggressively rub your face or to remove any “crusts” that may have developed, as this may lead to unwanted injury to your skin. Lastly, when drying your skin using a soft clean towel to blot the skin rather than rubbing your face. 

Avoid the Sun

Your skin will be especially sensitive after receiving laser skin resurfacing, making it much more likely to burn or scar if exposed to excessive amounts of direct sunlight. The sun emits harmful UV radiation, while great in moderate doses, can have several adverse effects to the skin if left unchecked. 

The best course of action is to avoid the sun altogether. While it may be impractical to stay indoors during all times of the day, taking special precautions when out in the sun can your best defense. Scarfs, large sunglasses, and even larger brimmed hats are great ways to directly block out the sun. Wearing a high SPF sunscreen (equal to or greater than 30 SPF) will also add an extra layer of defense. It is also beneficial to limit your time in direct sunlight between the hours of 10 am and 2 pm.  

Keep Your Skin Hydrated

Having dehydrated skin can make your face feel stiff and irritating. Keeping your face well hydrated after receiving laser skin resurfacing can help alleviate this with the use of doctor-approved moisturizing creams or lotions. Hydrating your skin will not only allow your skin to be more elastic and heal faster but also offers a degree of comfort as you contract facial muscles. 

The most important Tip!

Follow the instructions laid out by your treating doctor! There is no better person who knows how to best take care of your skin after laser resurfacing than the medical professionals who performed the procedure. Your doctor is well aware of the risk and complications that can arise if the skin is improperly cared for after receiving such a procedure, and will take the time to outline what exactly you need to obtain the best results for your skin. To schedule a personalized laser skin resurfacing consultation in the Chevy Chase, MD area, look no further than to the experienced and highly trained medical professionals at Capital Facial Plastic Surgery. Call (240) 630-8175