Deep Plane Facelift vs. SMAS Facelift, Which Is Better?

Deep Plane Facelift vs. SMAS Facelift

When it comes to a deep plane facelift vs. SMAS facelift, which is better? The truth is, the answer is a very personal one, and you should make this decision with a reputable plastic surgeon.

Here are some facts you need to know before determining the right technique for your facial rejuvenation procedure. 

What’s the Difference Between Deep Plane and SMAS Facelifts?

An SMAS facelift primarily targets the subcutaneous musculo-aponeurotic system (SMAS), a fibrous network beneath the skin that includes muscles, fascia, and other tissues.

The deep plane facelift includes the SMAS layer but goes deeper for more comprehensive results.

What Factors Influence Which Method Is Best for Me?

There are several things you and your surgeon need to discuss to answer your question about a deep plane facelift vs. SMAS facelift, which is better. In addition to the time you can devote to recovery, your surgeon is going to assess the following: 

  • Features you want to correct
  • The quality of your skin and extent the aging process has affected your appearance
  • Facial structures including muscles and bones
  • Additional procedures you may want to consider for overall rejuvenation

All of that information allows your surgeon to recommend the best option for you and create your personalized treatment plan. 

Deep Plane Facelift vs. SMAS Facelift

So, Deep Plane Facelift vs. SMAS Facelift, Which Is Better?

This is a personal choice, and you should carefully weigh the pros and cons of each technique during your consultation. Before embarking on any procedure, surgical or not, it is important to have a medical evaluation.

This is done to ensure your safety. Be prepared to discuss your health conditions, medication, supplements, and allergies.

Before your consultation, it is helpful to jot down any questions or concerns you may have. This can help you get the most out of the meeting.

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