After Kybella: 5 Tips for Retaining a Slim Chin

The double chin is a common problem that seems to creep into the lives of unsuspecting men or women of various ages. Some of our patients come to us in their 20s, while it doesn’t afflict others until they’re well into their 50s, but once it emerges, this excess fat is an unwelcome flaw on their facial appearance. The good news is, there’s a non-surgical solution known as Kybella®. This fantastic treatment can redefine your jawline and resolve a double chin within three to four weeks after treatment.

Once you begin to enjoy the benefits of this groundbreaking treatment, you won’t want to see that annoying facial flaw in your mirror again. Here are five tips to consider to keep a double chin at bay after Kybella®.

1. Avoid Eating High-Sodium Foods

Too much salt in your body can cause it to retain water and lead to bloating and a double chin. When you snack on foods like potato chips, pretzels, or other salty snacks, you’re likely to get thirsty and drink more fluids. These fluids tend to remain in the body and cause the aforementioned double chin. So eat responsibly and shop with an eye on products low in salt.

 2. Watch Your Alcohol Intake

They don’t call it a beer belly for nothing, and as with the tummy, drinking too much alcohol can make your neck and face bloat as well. The issue with alcohol is it dehydrates the body while adding empty calories. Drink less alcohol and hydrate more.

3. Hydrate with Water

When your body is hydrated, it helps you lose weight and reduce fat. The problem with bloating is not water intake, but rather water retention. When you don’t drink enough water, your body tries to make up the difference and stores the necessary H2O for those dry times. This process will make you face bloat and cause the dreaded double chin.

But if you drink eight eight-ounce glasses of water daily, your body will naturally dispose of the water, and you can avoid that bulge below the jawline.

Caution: Don’t think you can replace water with sodas or energy drinks. These products are high in calories and sugar, and any carbonation will slow down your metabolism, which can increase body mass.

4. Exercise

Working out is an excellent lifestyle habit if you want to slim down. Incorporating cardio or weight training with a balanced diet will help you burn calories and keep your fat-to-body-weight ratio down. You can also look into specific exercises that target facial muscles to keep them lean and toned.

5. Eat Fruits and Vegetables

Here’s a radical idea: Ditch those unhealthy, processed food items in your fridge and pantry and replace them with natural food and vegetables. Eating more natural foods will increase the necessary nutrients in your body and help your face (and the rest of your body) stay lean and trim.

These natural foods are high in water content and will help prevent your face from retaining water. They are also excellent for your skin health to enrich your facial beauty.

You should eat no fewer than three servings of vegetables and fruits daily. Stay away from the chocolate bars in favor of sliced cucumber or a fruit salad. Fruits and veggies offer more fiber, antioxidants, and fewer calories to help you stay healthy and fit.

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