Your Options for a Sleeker Jawline

A defined jawline is the hallmark of an attractive face. Unfortunately, we’re not all blessed with this important facial feature. Facial plastic surgery can improve jawline contours. Come in for a consultation with Dr. Singleton to explore your options for a sleeker jawline in Washington, D.C.

Improving Your Jawline Through Plastic Surgery

Jawline definition isn’t something most can improve on their own. Diet and exercise can help if you’re overweight, but once you’re at a healthy weight, there is little you can do to shape and contour the lower jaw on your own. 

What causes a lack of jawline definition? Many factors may contribute but aging and genetics are two of the most common we see at our plastic surgery practice. Some patients are born with a weak chin or undefined jawline. Other patients lose the definition in the lower face during the aging process. Loosening skin and muscle, along with an increase in fat deposits, causes the development of jowls or a double chin, covering up a once-youthful profile. 

Dr. Adam Singleton is a fellowship plastic surgeon that specializes in facial enhancement. He can recommend a variety of surgical and non-surgical options for enhancing the jawline and lower face. 

Surgical Options for Jawline Enhancement

Surgical procedures generally provide the longest lasting, most dramatic results for jawline enhancement. 

  • Facelift or Neck Lift- A facelift or neck lift tightens the delicate tissues of the lower face and neck. These surgical procedures offer the best results for creating a well-defined jawline and neck in patients with significant aging. A face or neck lift will address loose skin, relaxed muscle, and excess fat for a youthfully rejuvenated appearance. Results last for many years. 
  • Chin Augmentation- Patients with a naturally weak jawline can create definition through chin augmentation. Chin implants are placed through a small incision inside of the mouth and leave no visible scarring. These specially designed implants are crafted from bio-compatible silicone and are specifically molded to each patient’s jawbone to ensure a tight fit. Once in place, the implant feels like natural bone and creates the natural looking jaw structure that your genetics may be lacking. 
  • Neck Liposuction- Neck liposuction can remove a double chin. Excess fat under the chin and jaw hides the jawbone’s natural structure and definition. Removing this excess fat can reveal the hidden contours you already possess. Liposuction works best on patients that are close to their ideal weight and have tight, elastic skin. This procedure will not create jawline definition but can uncover it if it is hidden by extra fat. We often combine liposuction with our other surgical procedures for jaw enhancements to complement and improve results. 

These surgical treatments do require some downtime, but for most patients, time off work is minimal. If you’re interested in a surgical procedure, come in for a consultation. 

Non-Surgical Options for Jawline Enhancement

Enhance your jawline without surgery. Our non-surgical treatments require less downtime than surgery. These work best on patients in need of a mild to moderate correction. 

  • Dermal Fillers- Injectable fillers placed along the mandible can create a more defined chin and jawline contour. This option is ideal for patients that are almost at their goal appearance but desire a slight increase in definition. 
  • Botox®- Injectable neurotoxins like Botox® and Dysport fight wrinkles by relaxing muscles. This same principle can be used to slim the face and enhance the jawline in some patients with enlarged masseter muscles. This treatment option works best in patients with a squared or boxy jawline that desire a slimmed down, “V” shaped lower jaw.
  • Kybella®- Kybella® is an injectable treatment for submental fullness, aka extra fat under the chin. This is a non-surgical alternative to neck liposuction. Kybella® contains deoxycholic acid, a substance that breaks down fat. When injected under the chin, it destroys unwanted fat cells, and in time, creates a more defined jawline and chin. 

Explore your options for jawline enhancement at Capital Facial Plastic Surgery. Call our office at 240-630-8175 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Adam Singleton.