Rhinoplasty 101: What It Is and Why It’s Done

If you’ve ever been bothered by the size or shape of your nose, or you find that you’ve been having trouble breathing through your nose lately, you may be an ideal candidate for a rhinoplasty procedure, also known as a nose job. What exactly is a rhinoplasty procedure? Why is it done? And do you really need it? Here are a few things every first-time patient should know about rhinoplasty:

What it is

Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure designed to improve a patient’s nose. Depending on the reason for undergoing treatment and the facial plastic surgeon’s special technique or method, rhinoplasty could be an open or closed procedure.

Briefly, a closed rhinoplasty procedure means incisions are made inside the nose. This means that scarring won’t be visible. On the other hand, an open nose job means the incisions are made outside the nose, specifically, the underside of the nose where the tissue that divides the nostrils are found. Patients need not worry about visible scarring because although the incision was made on the underside of the nose, scarring will hardly be noticeable, if at all.

Your facial plastic surgeon will be the one to determine which method is right for you based on your specific issue, what you want to be done, your treatment goal(s), and the extent of correction that needs to be done.

Why it’s done

Some patients undergo a rhinoplasty treatment to correct the nose’s physical feature(s): the bridge, nostrils, its size, or its shape. There are patients, too, who undergo treatment to improve the appearance of their nose, which was altered or damaged from an accident or trauma. Lastly, patients may be prescribed to undergo treatment to correct a breathing problem. Sometimes, patients who have been advised by their doctor to undergo treatment to correct a breathing problem or improve the nose after a trauma choose to also enhance the appearance of their nose, which means they will be undergoing a rhinoplasty treatment both for cosmetic and functional purposes.

Do you need it?

If you are experiencing any of the above issues, you might be a good candidate for a nose job. But to know for sure, it’s always best to consult a specialist.

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