How Much Does Nose Job Surgery Cost in Rockville, MD? 

How Much Does Nose Job Surgery Cost in Rockville, MD? 

Rhinoplasty, otherwise referred to as a nose job, can help boost your appearance and self-confidence when it comes to your overall facial appearance.

Having the ability to reshape your nose allows you to achieve a look that compliments your other facial features.

But how much does nose job surgery cost in Rockville, MD, and what influences how much you’ll pay for your procedure?

Here’s What to Know About the Nose Job Surgery Cost in Rockville, MD

While the overall cost of rhinoplasty will vary, there are some standard fees that you can expect. All of these will factor into your nose job surgery cost in Rockville, MD and can vary from person to person.

The average cost is around $5,400, depending on your surgical needs and your chosen surgeon.

Typically what’s included in the price is the surgeon’s fee, which varies based on their specific training, credentials, and experience in cosmetic surgery, specifically in rhinoplasty.

Additional fees that may or may not be included:

  • Anesthesia: Type of anesthesia used varies, as does its associated fees 
  • Facility costs: Tools and equipment used throughout your procedure and room fee
  • Medical tests: Any related medical testing that must be done before or after the procedure
  • Post-surgery care and medications: Follow-up visits and any medication your doctor prescribes for you after your treatment

Be sure to ask your provider upfront about what is included in their fee and how much you can expect to spend in total. Choose a surgeon who is transparent about pricing.

If it seems like they’re trying to add in excessive fees or not be honest about how much you’ll spend out of pocket for your nose job, choose a different rhinoplasty surgeon.

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