How Much Does Eye Lift Surgery Cost in Germantown?

How Much Does Eye Lift Surgery Cost in Germantown?

Droopy eyelids can make you look tired, older than you are, and even impact your vision. If you are searching for a solution, eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) might be the answer.

What is involved in the procedure, and how much does eye lift surgery cost in Germantown? Get the facts here!

What Happens During Surgery?

During blepharoplasty, excess skin, muscle, and fat are removed or repositioned. Incisions are typically made along the natural eyelid creases to minimize scarring. This cosmetic procedure improves the overall contour of the eyelids and a youthful appearance and symmetry.

How Long Does It Take to Recover?

Before we take a look at the eye lift surgery cost in Germantown, let’s take a quick look at recovery.

Following the procedure, swelling and bruising are to be expected for one to three weeks. Improvement in your appearance becomes visible within one to three months, though it can take longer to see the full results.

Many patients feel prepared to go back to work within 14 days, though you should get clearance from your surgeon before returning to normal activities.

How Much Does Eye Lift Surgery Cost in Germantown?

The average price range is $4,120 to $5,171, but there are variables that influence how much you pay. These factors include but are not limited to surgeon’s fee, anesthesia fees, prescriptions, and medical tests.

Does Insurance Cover Blepharoplasty?

This procedure is often done solely for cosmetic reasons and therefore is not going to be covered by health insurance.

However, sometimes eye lift surgery is deemed medically necessary. In this event, you should contact your carrier regarding coverage details.

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