Full and Mini Facelift: Men Do It Too

Whenever cosmetic procedures are mentioned, women are usually who come to mind. Rarely, if at all, do men enter one’s mind whenever we think of such procedures as a mini facelift, full facelift, neck lift, rhinoplasty, Botox®, or dermal fillers. Society dictates that only women should undergo such beautification, which is why men, no matter how much they want to, hesitate to undergo cosmetic procedures, let alone visit a clinic for a consult. Men fear they would be perceived as weak or vain if they seek treatment to enhance their appearance.

But of course, this is all in the past. Nowadays, men are bolder and braver when it comes to enhancing certain features on their face and/or body. Typically, younger men want to enhance their body while older men are more concerned about taking years off their face, which brings us to the most popular and effective cosmetic surgery there is when it comes to making the face look younger: surgical facelift. These days, you have several options for a surgical facelift, a mini facelift and a full facelift. How to tell which one’s for you?

Choosing between mini facelift and a full facelift

A full facelift is for you if:

  • You have advanced skin laxity on the lower two-thirds of your face, from around the eyebrow area to the cheeks, jowls, under the chin, and around the neck
  • You are having trouble shaving because of your turkey neck
  • You want a procedure with longer-lasting results (up to 1510 to 2015 years)

On the other hand, a mini facelift is ideal for you if:

  • You have mild to moderate skin laxity on the lower third of the face, excluding under the chin and around the neck
  • You are not yet ready for a full facelift
  • You want a procedure that offers longer-lasting results compared to non-surgical facelifts (up to ten years)

As you can see, there are quite a few notable differences between a mini facelift and full facelift, but ultimately, determining which one is the best fit for you will also depend on the surgeon’s assessment of your skin laxity as well as your treatment goals and desired results.

Set realistic expectations

Facial plastic surgeons remind patients to set realistic goals and expectations. Trying to achieve the impossible, like wanting the facial features you had when you were in your 20’s, will only cause you to be dissatisfied and unhappy with the results.

Patients are reminded too about their choice of facial plastic surgeon. Remembers that not every facial plastic surgeon you come across will know exactly what you want and will know what to do to help you achieve it. Different surgeons have different specializations and facelift techniques, so before you decide whether or not to undergo either a mini facelift or a full facelift, ask to see before and after photos of previous patients. This way, you will be able to tell if the results in the pictures are exactly what you wish to achieve.

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