Facelift Near Me Chevy Chase, MD: 5 Essential Things to Know About Facelift Recovery

A surgical facelift remains one of the most popular cosmetic procedures today for patients looking for an effective aging antidote with longer-lasting results. While some are still on the fence about it, there are those who’ve actually had the procedure done more than once. Looking for “facelift near me”? If you live in or around Chevy Chase, MD, visit Capital Facial Plastic Surgery.

For some patients, there are only two reasons that make them hesitant about undergoing the procedure: the fact that it’s an actual surgery, and recovery time. The surgery part is, of course, what makes facelift the best option for those who wish to see and enjoy dramatic and longer-lasting results. You should discuss the procedure itself with a licensed and respected facial plastic surgeon.

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As for the recovery part, here are a few essential things every first-time patient should know about:

1. Day 1

The first day after surgery will be the most challenging for you because you’d still feel pain and discomfort from the procedure. You may also still feel a bit tired and may want to sleep most of the day. Rest is actually highly recommended within the first few days after your facelift as it enables your body to heal and recover properly.

You may need to take pain medication, which your doctor will prescribe, on the first day and several days after.

2. Days 2 to 3

Around the first or second day, you will be asked to return to the clinic so your surgeon can check your healing progress. The dressing will be removed to evaluate the condition of the stitches and then apply fresh dressing. Around this time, your surgeon may also give you additional instructions, as well as remind you about instructions previously given. You should take note of anything unusual or anything of concern to you before going to the clinic, so you can tell your surgeon about it.

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3. Days 4 to 7

By the time you reach Day 4 or 5, you may notice that the pain has significantly subsided, which means you may no longer need to take your pain medication. Around this time, doctors recommend doing light activities (light chores and walking) to help with blood circulation, which aids in your healing and recovery process.

4. One week mark

About a week after surgery, you may begin to feel a bit more “normal.” While swelling and bruising may still be present, it won’t be as severe as the first few days following your facelift surgery. Patients say that around this time, they begin to feel more like themselves. Doctors warn, however, not to overexert yourself with activities as your stitches haven’t yet completely healed.

5. Two weeks post-surgery

At around the second week following your surgery, you may notice that swelling and bruising have significantly subsided. If you feel a bit of tingling or tightness, or you sometimes notice that your face, particularly around the surgical area, “feels” numb, these are all normal and common effects of surgery, so there’s nothing to worry about.

Depending on how you’re healing, your surgeon may remove the sutures between the first and third week. It’s important to strictly follow your post-surgery check-up schedule because the surgeon needs to monitor how you are healing. Check-ups also determine when the time is right to remove your sutures.

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