Enhance Your Natural Beauty: Discover Beautiful Rhinoplasty Results

A rhinoplasty procedure, also known as nose job or nose surgery, is a surgical treatment performed on patients who wish to improve nasal features or function or both. This cosmetic treatment is one of the most cosmetic surgeries today, with an estimated 300,000 patients undergoing treatment in the country every year.

Discover the beauty of rhinoplasty results

Patients must understand that even the slightest change on your nasal features will already alter your appearance, which is why it’s important to work with a facial plastic surgeon who specializes in rhinoplasty, and one with a record of providing satisfactory results to clients.

On that note, the first thing you must do to achieve the beautiful rhinoplasty results you are aiming for is to find a facial plastic surgeon who is the right fit for you. Ask to see before and after photos to get an idea about the surgeon’s results. If these are aligned with your goal, then they might be the right rhinoplasty surgeon for you.

Results take time

One of the most common questions patients ask after their rhinoplasty is why they haven’t seen results, yet. And the answer here is because healing takes time. Swelling around the nasal area is common after surgery, and this will gradually subside in the weeks following your treatment.

The nasal tip usually needs more time to heal compared to the rest of the nose because this part of the nose is thicker, so it’s quite common to see that swelling on the nasal tip hasn’t subsided even while the rest of the swelling around the nose has already healed.

You will see noticeable improvement by the third month following your nose job.

The technique or method used, whether open or closed rhinoplasty, as well as the patient’s healing process play a role in their healing timeline as well. All these should be taken into account when waiting for results to appear.

Set realistic treatment goals and reasonable expectations to achieve satisfactory results

During your initial consultation, you and your doctor will discuss your treatment goals, expected results, and the reason(s) why you want to undergo a rhinoplasty procedure. Doctors remind patients to set realistic goals and reasonable expectations because the shape and size of your nose also play a role in the exact technique and extent of surgery that will be performed on you.

If the surgeon finds that what you wish to change may not be in your best interests, they will suggest a different technique and/or approach. Remember that your goal is to achieve beautiful, satisfactory rhinoplasty results, and your surgeon will know how best to achieve this.

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