Best Rhinoplasty Surgeon in Washington DC: Why Do People Get Rhinoplasty?

A common misconception about cosmetic procedures is that these are done solely for aesthetic purposes. But procedures like rhinoplasty and eyelid lift are also prescribed to patients for their health and safety. Whatever the reason however, patients should take their time finding the right surgeon; the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Washington, DC, for instance, if you live in or around the area and the procedure you wish to undergo is rhinoplasty or nose job.

What is rhinoplasty and why do people get it?

Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure designed to address and correct nasal issues. It is what is commonly known as nose job. Various techniques are used by plastic surgeons, which generally depend on two factors: the surgeon’s expertise and the specific nasal issue the patient wishes to be corrected, shares Dr. Adam E. Singleton, MD, considered as the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Washington, DC by satisfied patients of Capital Facial Plastic Surgery.

Why do people undergo rhinoplasty surgery?

As mentioned above, there are various reasons why people undergo this type of surgery. Some choose it for aesthetic or cosmetic purposes, and others need it for health reasons. To expound a little further, below are a few of the common reasons why people get a rhinoplasty surgery or choose to have a nose job.

1. Humped nasal bridge

Bumps on the nasal bridge are a common cause for insecurity for a lot of rhinoplasty patients. Whether it’s one bump or two, a humped nasal bridge can make one feel self-conscious.

2. Elevated nasal bridge

There may not be bumps or a hump on the nasal bridge but if it is too high or elevated, it could easily affect your facial symmetry. Or worse, it could make one feel as if the nose is the first (and only) thing people focus on when looking at their face thus making you feel self-conscious, making you lose confidence in yourself.

3. Large or uneven-sized nostrils

Are your nostrils large and “flared?” If they are, then you are one of the many rhinoplasty patients with a similar issue. Large nostrils are another cause for insecurity and/or embarrassment to a lot of rhinoplasty patients, particularly women. Re-sizing nostrils is generally undertaken not only for those with large nostrils but also for those with nostrils that are uneven in size, where one is noticeably larger than the other.

4. Bulbous nose

A bulbous nose basically looks like the tip of your nose is drooping. Some patients develop a bulbous nose because of genetics, but some develop a drooping nose tip because of a skin disease known as rosacea. If left untreated, the tip could continue to grow.

This type of rhinoplasty surgery is performed for both aesthetic and medical reasons, which is why you should consult your physician first to accurately determine the cause of your bulbous nose tip, particularly if it hasn’t always been that way.

5. Deviated septum

A deviated septum generally means the nasal septum isn’t centered (leaning more towards one side, making it “deviated”), which may cause difficulty in breathing. If the condition is severe, it could block much of the airflow in one side of the nose. If this condition is left untreated, it could get worse as nasal structures could change as part of the aging process. In most patients, surgery is the only effective treatment for a deviated septum.

Other common reasons for getting a rhinoplasty include having a long nose as well as a crooked nose. While patients generally undergo a rhinoplasty surgery for medical or health reasons, most of the time, it’s simply to get the nose that they want (in size, shape, or “elevation”).

Consult the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Washington, DC

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