3 Key Facts About Jawline Surgery and Jawline Enhancement

Not everyone is born with a defined jawline. Some have a naturally weak chin or jawline and others experience this with time; that is, as part of the aging process. There are many options to achieve a more defined jawline but for more dramatic and permanent results, a jawline surgery is what you need.

Naturally, you have many questions regarding jawline surgery, especially if you don’t know anyone who’s had it done before. Here are a few key facts you need to know about surgery for jawline enhancement:

1. Jawline surgery is also known as orthognathic surgery

Surgery to enhance the jawline is medically known as orthognathic surgery. What the surgeon does is to shave off parts of the bone to give the jawline a more defined appearance. During surgery, you will be under general anesthesia, so you won’t feel a thing and you’ll be unconscious the whole time.

In general, this type of surgery reduces the jaw from the back, which helps smoothen out protrusions or soften angular shapes to give the jaw a slimmer appearance.

2. Cuts or incisions are generally made inside the mouth

So there will be no visible scarring, incisions for a jaw enhancement surgery are made inside the mouth, usually between the cheek and gum for a jaw reduction procedure. For precision shaving (of parts of the bone), a laser or micro saw will be used. Ask your surgeon about the instrument he will be using, and discuss accuracy and effectiveness for your peace of mind.

3. Other cosmetic surgeries may help improve the jawline

Apart from orthognathic surgery, there are other cosmetic surgeries that may help improve the appearance and definition of the jawline. These include facelift or neck lift to tighten the skin on the lower part of the face, which can subsequently give the jawline a more defined shape; chin augmentation, which helps define a weak jawline, and neck liposuction, which, by reducing fat under the chin (double chin), can reveal the contours of your jawline.

Patients who wish to improve their overall appearance usually prefer to undergo cosmetic surgeries that can enhance several areas at once, as in the case of the surgical procedures mentioned above that help enhance the jawline at the same time.

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