Facelift Cost in Rockville, MD: This is How Much You Can Expect to Pay

Facelift Cost in Rockville MD

There is no question a facelift can significantly turn back the hands of time, but you might wonder how much money it will set you back.

How much does a facelift cost in Rockville, MD? Here’s what you should know.

Let’s Not Waste Time! Here is the Facelift Cost in Rockville, MD

The average price range was $7,400 to $8,000 in 2020, though it’s increased since then. Factors such as surgeon’s fees, pre-surgical medical tests, and recovery expenses all play a role in the cost.

The type of facelift you choose has a major impact on pricing. The three most common types are:

  • Mini facelift: This is the least invasive procedure and is most suitable for patients with mild signs of aging such as fine lines and sagging skin. 
  • SMAS: Also called the superficial musculoaponeurotic system (SMAS) technique, this safely addresses moderate to severe aging signs around the mid-face and neck areas. 
  • Deep plane: The most advanced technique, the deep plane facelift allows an experienced surgeon to achieve more natural and long-lasting results, going beyond even the SMAS lift for more comprehensive neck and facial improvement. 

Facelift Cost in Rockville MD

Do I Qualify for Cosmetic Surgery?

This is a decision best made with a reputable surgeon during a consultation. A medical evaluation is necessary to ensure your safety. Be prepared to share your goals and expectations.

This meeting is the perfect time to ask questions and find out the exact facelift cost in Rockville, MD.

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